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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
There are also other passages that list specific sins that God expects mankind to repent of in order to be saved, in order to inherit the kingdom of God:
That's the teaching I am talking about.

The problem is that not one verse that you posted following this statement even suggests that man must repent of these sins "in order to be saved."

You are reading that into the verses. What you missed was the word inherit. No one Paul is writing to inherited their salvation, nor does Paul intend for his converts to think so. He his, however, reminding them of an inheritance that they will (could) receive in a kingdom (see that word too).

"What must I do to be saved?" Sound familiar? Paul's response to this jailor in A.16 did NOT include a command to repent of his sins before placing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Why not? You believe it is necessary, don't you? The man certainly was a sinner, and would've had sins that must be repented of, right?

Or perhaps, the truth is that repentance for a lost man (today) is turning from his unbelief, not his individual sins that he is bound by. The man called a servant of sin and a child of disobedience must repent of trusting in anything but God's Son for righteousness. Don't tack a "work" on to that. You know the scripture of HOW you obtained God's righteousness, and not one points to you first doing anything.

The sin that brings a man condemnation is the sin of unbelief... "He that believeth not is condemned already..." The ministy of the Holy Spirit in regards to the lost man's sin is singular.
John 16:8-9 And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Of sin, because they (commit adultery? NO, blaspheme God? NO) believe not on me;

Review how Paul (our authority for the Church Age) preached to the lost in the book of Acts and carefully see that he calls them to repent, not of their sins, but of their unbelief in the Son of God.