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Default Repentance

I have recently been studying the doctrine of repentance. In my research I found various teachings and views on the subject, some drastically different. I then underwent an exhaustive study on the word repent (in any English form) in the A.V., and formed my own belief on the doctrine, not completely new, but in somewhat of a different light than most.

The motivation for the study was based on gospel tracts, yes, little gospel tracts that I had been handing out. I noticed one, then two, then over and over, these simple gospel messages were seemingly tainted with something that, although I've heard it preached all of my life, I did NOT believe to be true.

The standard tract would read:

You must...

A. Realize you are a sinner...(scripture w/ explanation, etc.)

B. Realize there is a penalty for your sin...

C. Realize Jesus paid the penalty...

D. Repent of your sins and receive Jesus as you Saviour...

That's been the standard for many tracts over the years, and it's been quite the standard in pulpits as well. However, I have concluded that it is not biblically accurate to suggest that an unsaved man must repent of his sins BEFORE he can receive Christ as Saviour. I believe that this constitutes a "work" performed by the unbeliever prior to becoming a believer.

I open my thoughts to critique, but before you do, I must warn you...

1. Defining the word biblically is crucial.

2. Applying the word is just as important. Be sure of the scripture that you use to develope your doctrine.

I have found that the word repentance has one biblical definition, yet many applications. (The same can be said of many doctrinal words, for example: salvation.) I have also found that the "proof texts" for the position held by so many are easily refuted by careful reading of the actual text.

I'll post more should your thoughts insite further explanation.