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Your statement has nothing to do with this Doctrine and people can justify all they want. It had been a very precious doctrine to me and to have it proven that it is not even supported Biblically was disappointing to say the least.

So if this doctrine is not Biblically sound what other doctrines are we holding that are not supported Biblically?

It is sad but Let God be true and every man a liar. for God's word is true even when men's teachings are not.

it goes back far enough to find its roots in the doctrines that replace Israel with the church. and plenty of groups are holding to a lot of those doctrines today despite the fact they are not supported by the Bible. For Us Baptist it is not so extreme but it is in existence.

Again the basis of our Doctrines no matter how precious they are should not be tradition but the word of God. To not share what I have learned concerning this doctrine would be wrong at least it is out there and you can test it for yourself with a simple Bible search program.

Thanks Kiwi for that verse. But it still does not teach that Paul called the church a Bride or taught it was. The context of Romans seven in those first 4 verses is about the Law and being yolked to it or being united to Christ where there is liberty from the Law.and like the law of marriage when the partner dies you are free from the law that bound the marriage. it that verse Paul is using married as figure of speech not teach any truth that the Body is married to Christ or that it is called a Bride. It actually teaches you are free from the law when you became a Christian.

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