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I guess the hammer and sickle has nothing to do with commie thinking.

Which was more likely pride in their country
Pride by waving the old USSR flag? Are you kidding?

Why would anyone wave that flag. This is the question.

Did you not notice that was the name on the link?


Communist-style Flag-waving by Obama Supporters on Election Night

It has been said that Barack Obama does not represent the far left. Video evidence captured by FOX News on election night shows how that isn't necessarily true. Obama supporters were caught on video proudly waving a red flag with a hammer and sickle while chanting, "U-S-A!" This is just another moment in a long line of leftist idiocy and another hint at the type of voters that gave their support to the most "liberal" United States president ever elected.
You always seem to defend the left and Obama. Why is this?

You also posted that that Bush had something to do with JFK assassination , You seem to be very anti GOP and pro Dem.

I still don't understand how the American public is so gullible to support the Bush family and their heirs, who's lies and conspiracy cover up go back to the assassination of Kennedy.

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