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Originally Posted by JMWHALEN View Post
"Translation"(play on words): "I don't understand the word of God, so I will be the authority and change it to something I 'prefer', 'like'....."

That is, our understanding/comprehension of the law in no way determines/affects the legitimacy of its authority. If "understanding" determined legitimacy of authority, perhaps we need to change our "medical" books(my brother is a doctor).

People confuse the objective truth of God's word as given by revelation, and its availibility, with illumination, i. e., understandability.

In Christ,

John M. Whalen

PS(1):If I was not clear in the preceding, "Oops, my bad" . But I do feel that what I wrote was "Sweet." And any comments to the contrary will result in dis dude "Snuffing the punk. " Do we all agree? Yes? "That's wack, man."

PS(2):If any should not understand this, I will send them my "New and Improved, Unabridged, 89th Edition expanded Revised Combination Lexicon Strong's Interlinear George Foreman Grill Street DictionaryThesaurus of 'the 'Modern English."

PS(3) Well, "Ize gottsta go." My boss at work is tapping me on the shoulder, and he does not look happy(or is that "gay"? Oops, I need to "revise" James 2:3 to reflect the "subtil"(Gen. 3:1), everchanging nuances of this "evolutionary""the" English, to reflect what the author really "meant/intended", in this "modern, enlightened,civilized, tolerant" society/world). I "figger" he just did not like me changing/"revising" the Training Manual he gave. I told him I just don't "like"/"prefer" it-it is not my "favorite", although I do "use" it. Go "figger!" "Whussup with this dude?" "Whussup with that?" As Jed Clampett would say: "It don't rightly seem fair." Where is Jethro when I need him, with that 6th grade "eggeekayshun!?"

In Christ,

John M. Whalen
There was an "ebonics" version, and in Genesis it said (of the serpent) something to the effect of:" The Snake was one BAD dude!" Not sure wheter to laugh or cry on that one.