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Originally Posted by Vendetta Ride View Post
Amen, brother. I'm just as contemptuous and vitriolic as can be when I talk with mature believers about the new versions; but if I'm dealing with a young Christian, or one who doesn't know the issues, I approach it slowly and gently. That's how it was presented to me, and it worked: I had used the new versions for the first thirteen years of my Christian life!

Of course we must be gentle with the new Christian, I totally agree. Look, when I was saved, I thought, "Well, I need a Bible." I knew I needed something with introductions and maps, I found one, an NIV, BUT God is also gentle! Even with the NIV flaws the Holy Spirit taught me a lot. It was also a gentle leading that made me say "Why does this Bible have this verse, and that one does not?" God is good! You know he works with our flawed frames, our flawed Bibles, but God gave us this, He will lead us into Truth. I learned about the manuscripts and text types, it was all part of my journey.