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Can't stand it when people think they are cute and funny and do a "stand-up" routine with the AV 1611. I do not even "make fun" of new "versions" even if I do not feel they ARE the word of God, they can contain truths about salvation. If I am critical about a Bible Version, it is never in a clowning way, I simply show where they are flawed. I do this in a sober respectful manner, esp. given the fact that many new Christians do not know about text-types and translation methods, I surely did not when I was first saved. A Godly Anglican writer in a Position Paper in a Synod address convinced me of the truth on the AV. Those who are critical of the King James accuse it's defenders of being "over the top", odd thing is they are usually worse in this regard!
Amen, brother. I'm just as contemptuous and vitriolic as can be when I talk with mature believers about the new versions; but if I'm dealing with a young Christian, or one who doesn't know the issues, I approach it slowly and gently. That's how it was presented to me, and it worked: I had used the new versions for the first thirteen years of my Christian life!