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Sister Jassy,

Jassy said: So, I guess it amazes me that people would be so fast to pass judgment and shove aside those who don't share their particular "brand" of Christianity or their own WORLD UNDERSTANDING. One day there will be, I believe, an ecumenical religion thrust upon the world. It will be especially tragic when weak Christians fall for it and embrace it. It will be Satan's counterfeit religion and it will become enforced. Those without wisdom will be LOST for eternity.
Sister, I was struck by the use of these words. We all pass judgment every day on many's in our nature. We can't help it. When a decision is made on any topic a judgment is being made. Now if you are suggesting by passing judgment we shove aside, I honestly don't think ANYone on here at least has suggested ANYone be shoved aside?

And if we are not to "shun or shove aside or pass judgment" on those without the faith shouldn't we even more so treat our brethren the same way?

Because one judges that an act is a sin based on the Bible, and we teach it as such how is that shoving aside a brother? Are men not to preach sin for fear of passing judgment? For fear of ostracizing a brother? If my pastor or husband preaches on being unfruitful and I am convicted I am not shunned. My pastor can teach right and wrong and I still have the free will to ignore it. It still doesn't change right and wrong.

I have seen these comments across the forum and don't understand how making a judgment based on Scripture equals shunning?

Please, I welcome you to explain it to me.