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Default CORRECTION of my previous post

Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
So, I guess it amazes me that people would be so fast to pass judgment and shove aside those who don't share their particular "brand" of Christianity or their own WORLD UNDERSTANDING. One day there will be, I believe, an ecumenical religion thrust upon the world. It will be especially tragic when weak Christians fall for it and embrace it. It will be Satan's counterfeit religion and it will become enforced. Those without wisdom will be LOST for eternity.
Well, here I am quoting myself. Sis Jennifer graciously pointed out my error, in private, in that paragraph. I encouraged her to post it here and correct me in public! She refused to do so! So here I am correcting myself and thanking sis Jen for being so kindhearted.

So, Jennifer said: "Christians can't be lost, and wisdom is not what saves Christians... belief in Christ does."

And she is absolutely correct. I thanked her for pointing out my error and I couldn't believe that I posted that kind of huge error!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

After thanking Jen, she then said "You are one easy correctee. Wow"

I feel very blessed by her friendship in Christ. Iron sharpens iron and that's the way it ought to be!