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Default Some interesting points!

Below are a few helpful links that go quite in depth concerning just about all of the issues raised on this thread. I will state before hand that they arent all KJB only sites but for those of us who are really seeking to know the truth on this issue. All you have to do is study the arguments presented and check them out (or even replace the passages that are quoted) with your own pure Bible. I may be going a little contrary to the grain of what some people have settled for on this matter, but believe me I am not pushing a thoughtless view, but attempting to raise constructive thought on a very serious subject.

It is like I said before and this is my driving conviction, that I do not want to play a part in any way, shape or form on something that is contrary to what has been ordained by God in Scripture. But what I do want to do is play every part in that which God has ordained in Scripture (if it is re-marriage then I want my conscience free Scripturally) but if it is contrary to Scripture then I also wish to have a free conscience when opposing it. I realise that these are sensitive issues and I am not trying to shoot people down or win an argument, my only aim is interact with many on something that is very important.

Ps, I have no affiliation with any of these ministries, neither am I promoting them all I am doing is presenting the good points that they are raising rather than writing a post that would take up a forum page by itself.

I sincerely hope and pray that the points raised produce healthy thinking and important fruitful discussion. At least we will all know more about the subject concerned when we have finished!

God bless