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Good morning Greenbear

Interesting....It appears that we used some of the same Scripture to support 2 opposing almost the same time! LoL It took me a couple hours to post my my first post over at the new thread I started to continue this conversation! Between mommy duty and things it took me awhile and then when I posted, behold! you had posted a similar line of thinking...

I believe I have supported my position. If someone doesn't agree that's fine.
Nah....not've stated your position and used Bible to try and make it fit.

No, I don't agree, but I am sure you're exhausted from the discussion as I, but for the sake of other readers I felt compelled to continue the conversation elsewhere. I have no interest in convincing you of my "position" but rather be sure that we use the Bible as our guide book. Not to allow history or commentaries or the sadness of a sinful situation affect my judgment when the Bible is crystal clear.