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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha brother Fred,

Thank you for the Link to sister Gail Riplinger's comments. It is obvious, from her comments (and the "KJB Summit"), that Jack Schaap has a "hidden agenda" - that being the undermining of the AUTHORITY of our present day King James Bibles!

If you review the video's from the so-called "KJB Conference" you will see that Jack Schaap is a master at "DOUBLESPEAK" (say one thing - but mean another)! {See his comments on the word "perfect".}

This issue over the "FINAL AUTHORITY" will not (can not) be settled by some "Christian Celebrity" and his Lackeys at a so-called "KJB Conference". This is an issue that must be settled in the heart of each and every individual Christian as they prayerfully search out the truth of the "Which Bible" issue.

From 1968 - 1988 I wasted a whole lot of precious time researching this issue. I read at least 70-80 books (all sides); listened to dozens of audio tapes; learned to read the critical apparatus' of both the Nestle's Greek Text and the United Bible Societies' Greek Text; studied the manuscript evidence; studied several church histories; studied the history of "textual criticism"; and spent hundreds of hours comparing the modern "PERVERSIONS" with the King James Bible; and I never "persuaded" one person to truly believe in the King James Bible through all of the knowledge that I obtained!

On the other hand, over the years, I have asked a few brethren to make a COMPARISON of the "Modern Perversions" with the Holy words found in the King James Bible and have seen several brethren (on their own) come to the realization that there is a DIFFERENCE between our Holy Bible and all of the other English "bibles"; whereupon the Holy Spirit has convinced those brethren of the truth of His words - as found in the King James Bible, and they have become genuine Bible believers.

The issue of "Which Bible" is not going to go away, and it will NOT be "settled" by a bunch scribes and Pharisees at a so-called "KJB Summit"!

Ultimately this has to do with BELIEVING God's "words" and TRUSTING that God has indeed PRESERVED them (as He PROMISED) in the King James Bible that we hold in our hands. This issue cannot be "settled" by KNOWLEDGE alone - God has set the whole thing up so that, no matter how much "knowledge" we obtain about this issue, in the end, we must put our FAITH in Him (and in His "words"), and TRUST Him for the veracity and truthfulness of His words as found - perfect, Holy, inspired, infallible, and without error, in the King James Bible that we hold in our hands!

As the "time" draws near, we must beware of "Christian Celebrities" and those men who are held in high "ESTEEM" by modern day Christians. If they are NOT GLORIFYING the Lord Jesus Christ and if they are NOT HONORING His Holy words - BEWARE!

FAITHFULNESS to God is NOT "measured" by HOW MANY SOULS YOU HAVE "WON". {After all - It's the "word" that convicts and convinces; and it''s God Himself that draws individuals.}
It's NOT all about the "MINISTER" (the servant) of God - it's all about ALMIGHTY GOD and His Holy word. So then, without the Holy words of God and without God drawing individuals - just exactly WHAT is a "minister" or "pastor"? Did Jack Hyles or Jack Schaap DIE for our sins? Did any "pastor" shed his blood for our sins? Did any of these men cause the Holy Scriptures to be written? Have any of these men PRESERVED God's Holy words all down through the centuries? I trow not! Then WHY do modern day "Christians" ELEVATE these men as if they were a part of the Godhead? WHY do "Christians" today EXTOL THE VIRTUES of all of these "good" and "godly" men - instead of GLORIFYING ALMIGHTY GOD?
FAITHFULNESS to God is NOT "measured" by HOW BIG A CHURCH YOU (a "pastor") HAVE BUILT.
So the question arises: WHO'S church ("house") is it? Is it Jack Hyles' or Jack Schaap's "church" - or God's? Did Jack Hyles or Jack Schaap "BUILD" the church or did God? How DARE any man "claim" (or "take credit") for what God hath done - unless God didn't do it? How "DARE" these men STEAL the "GLORY" that rightfully belongs to Almighty God?
FAITHFULNESS to God is NOT "measured" by HOW MANY WORKS YOU HAVE PERFORMED. {IF God did the "WORK" -WHY is the "credit" being given to men?}
WHO'S "work" is it? WHO performed the "work"? IF God did the "WORK" - WHY is the "credit" being given to men?

A bishop/elder/pastor is NOTHING but a "minister" (a SERVANT) of the most high God. We are NOTHING - HE IS EVERYTHING!
If men are glorying in other men - BEWARE! If men are glorying in any man's "works" - BEWARE! If men are crediting other men for those things that God has done - BEWARE! If men are NOT "GLORYING" IN GOD and if they are NOT HONORING GOD'S HOLY WORD - BEWARE!

I care not what other men may say or do - The following was true in David's day; it is true today; and it will be true throughout eternity:

Psalms 33:4 For the word of the LORD is right; and ALL HIS WORKS are done in truth.
Thank you sir for the comments/ exhortation! Verily, the credit belongs only to God. The glory belongs only to Jesus. "We are nothing -He(God) is everything!"

God bless you!