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I've seen and heard Dr. Jack Schaap and other big names from the fundamentalist circles as they preached here in the Philippines at Christian Bible Baptist Church, San Pedro Laguna Philippines. Thousands of Christians arrived just to hear Dr. Jack Schaap. I too, have been thrilled of his preaching that time but what in world does Dr. Schaap doing now? I've read articles of other known Preachers and Pastors who also graduated from HAC and they were against Schaap. His father-in-law, the late Dr. Jack Hyles and Dr. Russel Andersson (I don't know if Sir George is related to him) founded the HAC based on the inspired, preserved Word of God, the King James Version.

Is this the fulfillment of Dr. Jack Hyles words that the biggest split among the brethren will come in the next ten years? God forbid.

Quoted from:

Dr. Jack Hyles on King James Bible:

"The biggest split that has ever come will come in the next ten years, if not sooner, over the King James Bible, and it couldn't come soon enough for me. I'm tired of colleges and universities advertising that they use the King James Bible. Tell the whole story! Tell everyone that you do not believe that it is inspired word for word..." See also page 66 and chapter 5 The Need for An Every-Word Bible (Hyles Publications, 03