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I did a sermon on this last night Well, part of it was on this.

He went to hell, hades, sheol, the centre of the earth. And then he rose from the dead. He sees Mary, ascends to God, comes back down and sees Thomas.

Without going into a debate on whether Jesus suffered in hell, because I don't know, I know that when he ascended, he went into the NORTH. Straight up through the atmosphere, through the universe, parting the great deep, and into the most holy place, which is NORTH. He put the blood on the mercy seat, returned to earth, without blood (just flesh and bone, with open wounds), and appeared to the eleven again in the upper room where he lets Thomas touch him.

I'll post up my notes when I get home about the North and how it is frozen and surrounds the universe (it's not a literal direction, but is relative to us - UP).