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Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
So, then, according to the Bible, you believe that the Lord will not resurrect those who have gone against what you feel is His teaching from the Bible regarding burial? He will REJECT those people as not doing His clear will?
I didn't see anyone claim anything like that. I don't understand what was said that would lead you to that conclusion.

The Bible only shows God's people being buried. We look forward to having our bodies resurrected and glorified. Of course God can put all the right parts together even if my body is vaporized in a nuclear explosion, but because I trust in the promise of resurrection, I want my body buried in honor and recognition of the work God intends to do, not burned to ashes as if my body has no future use.

I don't see any Scriptures indicating it is a sin to have your body cremated, so there's nothing to be dogmatic about here either way.