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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post

I think any one of us who goes out into the workplace is forced to make compromises in order to earn a living. My husband works for a cable company that has pornography channels. I worked for a drug company that sells drugs that I believe destroy people's minds, health and lives. I work for a corporation that sells kids and women's clothing some of which are ungodly.
Sis Jen, you make a good point that I hadn't thought about. I used to be a professor and taught at universities and colleges - and those institutions are surely NOT godly. And neither are all of the students. So, we do have to be prepared to meet and "mingle with" a variety of people in the work place. We can't be in control of every aspect of the company or place that we work for or at. It just isn't possible. There may also be hidden aspects as well. For all we know, a boss that we don't have much contact with just might be a member of the Church of Satan. Who knows?

The entire educational system that I worked within is notorious for supporting evolution and being anti-Creationist.