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Great topic, Brother Smith. I love the old hymns saturated with doctrine and the praise and worship of Jesus and the Father. Like you my husband and I haven't been to church much since we were married 15 years ago. We could never find one that didn't have errors that we could live with so we eventually gave up looking. Back when I was a new christian I went to a couple of charismatic churches, esp. Vineyard. I remember how grieved my spirit was with the music. It was superficial, it was all about how "I" worship You. How are we worshiping the Lord by singing about what "I" am doing? Let's sing about what He has done!!! They would never sing about Jesus, either. They would just skip the verses about our Saviour. It was all about the Holy Spirit and the Father. I believe that was intentional. I believe the pastor practiced witchcraft while the singing was going on by calling on "god" to place his mantle over the congregation. I could actually feel a heavy spiritual presence enveloping me and I believe the other people there.

I believe that musical talent and inspiration comes from God. That said, I also believe Satan is the authority behind the music industry. I have linked a site that sells a 10 hour video expose called "They sold their souls for rock and roll" by Joseph Schimmel. There is also a 3 hour video available. I don't know how anybody who watches even an hour of that video could doubt that to make it in the Rock music industry you have to acknowledge Satan as lord and that the music and lyrics are purposely designed to attract demons to the hearer. The "beat" is taken straight from pagan religious ceremonies. "Christian" rock has become every bit as Satanic as secular Rock.

I will also include a link to "Inside The Laurel Canyon" which I found astonishing just when I thought I was beyond being astonished by anything.

It's really good to have you on this forum.