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Originally Posted by Brother-Smith View Post
I am really glad to know that I am not the only one who sees this.
Thanks for the names of the music artists you mentioned, I will check them out.
Brother-Smith, you're not the only one that sees this. Now this may seem a bit odd, coming from someone who is DEAF, but I did grow up able to hear for 22 years... and I had music training. I played the flute professionally, before becoming deaf, and I also taught music theory and flute lessons. That said, for a bit of background, I also was heavily-involved in going to rock concerts in the 1970's. I graduated high school in 1975. I had a friend that worked at the former Tick-a-Tron and I got 3rd row center seats for some of the most popular rock bands and artists of that time period. These included but are not limited to: Chicago, Led Zepplin, Queen, Heart, Foreigner, Kansas, ELO (the Electric Light Orchestra), ABBA, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, etc. I could hear at that time and my father will tell you that's why I became Deaf. (Not true... but it probably didn't help!) I never did drugs (which I am VERY thankful for!) but I was heavily involved in going to those live rock concerts and listening to all of that music.

I remember the strange feeling you get in your bones... you can feel it literally reverberating in your skull and all of your bones. The vibrations from the guitars and drums is EERIE. It plays a counterpoint to your heart rate. I've read quite a lot about research that has been done regarding the bad health effects of rock music on the body.

I truly believe, looking back, that rock music is of the devil. Much of the music MESSAGE is subliminal. It's hidden in lyrics, it's hidden in dischorant chords, in symbolism, and in a frenzied beat that revs people up and gets them in sync with evil spirits. Yes, I believe that it does attract demons!!

I've found a few websites that you might want to take a look at, regarding this topic. Those will be listed below.

With the rap music and hip hop music of today, I am every thankful that I am DEAF and unable to hear music. I'll be honest here, it really would have been a difficult habit for me to break and, had I become a Christian who could still hear, I probably would have slid right into so-called "Christian" rock. Listen, it's in the BEAT, and the chords, as much as it is in the LYRICS. Satan wants to get the body worked up and share subliminal messages via this ungodly music.

Don't be fooled - "Christian" rock or rap is NOT CHRISTIAN!! I have attended some of these mega churches that attract teens by the thousands, because of their cool Youth Pastors and Christian Teen Music Programs. Many even have laser light shows. I have attended several churches, since becoming Deaf and - let me tell you - you DON'T have to be able to HEAR to know that it is EVIL. I felt surrounded by something very evil - while this heavy beat reverbrated through the chair that I sat upon. I wanted to RUN. All I could think was "This is NOT a HOUSE OF GOD!!" The true Body of Christ would not push this as Christian. But the COUNTERFEIT "Body of Satan" - that mascarades itself as Christian - WOULD.

Now, true the Bible is pretty silent on the TYPE of music. But use your common sense - would God use the SAME type of music, set to supposedly "godly lyrics" in a worship service? I can tell you, there was NOTHING Christian about it. Not being able to hear did not separate me from being able to FEEL - and the Holy Spirit was NOT present in these churches! But oh yes, there was another type of "spirit" there and it was NOT good!!

A lot of these rock albums have satanic pictures and symbols on them. If your teen has them in your home... it's like giving an invitation to evil spirits... that they are WELCOME there.

I won't be as "kind" as to say that I think it's up to you... or that it depends on the lyrics being sung. People don't care about the lyrics - they care about the FEELING that it gives them... and it's not a good one.

As the other brother stated, watching Christians swaying with the music, dancing seductively, just like people had done at those secular rock concerts that I attended in the 70s, doesn't give me the indication that these artists are Christian or that they are truly uplifting Christians in an appropriate manner.

That is my humble opinion on the matter, mixed with personal experience.

And now the various websites: