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actually Paul only restated 9 of the ten commandments. The one he didn't restate for us is Sabbath observance. read the way Paul restates the 9 commandments as not to make them required law but spiritually applicable.

LarryB, the gospel preached to Abraham in the OT was not the Gospel of Grace, but it was a gospel. reread Genesis 12, 15, 18 and you will see the gospel there was "the nations would be blessed through his seed". but no where is it ever said faith alone in Christ for the forgiveness of sins. there are many gospels (good news) but only one gospel of grace and only found in the new testament.

Paul reminds us in Galatians That it is Jesus of the seed of Abraham in which all nations would be blessed. Paul like us today is looking back with the info he has at hand. just as we have a tendency to do. we need to be careful not to impose on the OT something that is not there just as Paul did. Paul did not impose the Gospel of Grace he only pointed out the fulfilling of the blessing of all nations is through Jesus Christ.

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