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I agree with Luke,if couples wish to pop babies out every nine months,go for it.
Others for their own personal reasons who are choosing to wait until the time is right for them as a couple,go for it too.

Neither group should have to explain themselves.

I used to get ABOVE RUBIES a magazine from our church and it was a guilt trip without packing any bags.Luggage loads of true stories of mother's and their ten kids,baking bread and homeschooling,growing vegetables etc...but!the thing is the slant was,"YOU SHOULD BE BEARING KIDS TOO,BAKING BREAD,etc or your'e not a ruby woman.

Iam a grandmother,past child bearing but had thirteen pregnancies myself with only three live sons and an adopted daughter and I would never give that magazine or my 2cents worth to my daughters-in-law that my son's married,or lay any burden on any of my married children and their spouses about an out of bounds Area to me in their married lives.They have come to me and talked to me and I have just hugged them and left it all to God,and I feel very blessed they can come to me and tell me their hopes and dreams about having children oneday.I want more grandchildren as my two have started school,I will not hurry my daughters-in-law up or lay an ugly burden on them that they are sinning for using contraception..I will leave my nose out of their business.

People are too free with what other's "should" or shouldn't be doing.

God Himself must have planned limited births for Eve before the Fall,since after the fall he would increase her conceptions as part of the curse.