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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
Greetings Mrs. Hayseed

I was just wondering what Scripture you have to support this? Or is it a lack of Scripture on the subject that forms this conclusion?

I am not ready to post my thoughts on this matter as I am still gathering my verses. I've studied this out before but it's been awhile and unfortunately I never wrote it down

I do not mean this argumentatively but am just asking how did you come to this conclusion?

Be blessed!
You must have personal thoughts of your own on this matter,you seem all grown up to me.

You are not ready to post your own until you have scripture to back you up,
can you not hint at what your thoughts are on the issue of birth control?

Have you never reached a conclusion yourself at your age?

I do take some exception to the way you have taken certain words I said and made them bold,thereby adding emphasis that I myself did not do.

Gen.3:16 Unto the woman he said,I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception;

The multiplied sorrow is most noticeably seen in the recurring menstrual cycle and multiple forms of birth control are used to reduce the multiplied conceptions.

The Bible does not forbid contraception.It is not the act of contraception itself that determines whether it is right or is the motive.

The Bible presents children as a gift from God,if a married christian couple practice birth control temporarily until they are more finanicial and spiritually secure and not because it would cramp their style to have kids, it is between them and God.
It comes down to motive.
Mrs Hayseed