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Originally Posted by Renee View Post
Hi sister Jassy,

Sorry I beat you to the punch. It really bugs me when someone twist and wrest the scriptures. I read a lot of the post that are posted. I find that a lot of post in some threads I prefer to be quiet on, infact I ignore whole threads after reading the first few post. I do have this thing though, when I see that George or Brandon has posted I do go check it out.

There is much wisdom and discernment and understanding in both yours and Greenbear's post and I preceive that behind the post is a meek and quiet spirit.

1 Peter 3:4 But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

May The Lord bless you,


Looks like this thread has morphed again!
Sis Renee,

Thank you for your lovely comments. Sometimes, in this world, being a meek and quiet spirit is very difficult - and unappreciated. Besides that, it's like placing out a doormat with the words of invitation: "Walk all over me!" on it!

I cannot say I have in any way mastered the practice of being a meek and quiet spirit. You might want to ask those who are around me on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I can get a little "hot-headed" at times.

I'm HAPPY that you "beat me to the punch" sis. Besides that, it's not a contest. LOL

Threads that morph can sometimes be interesting. It can sometimes reveal things that would otherwise remain hidden.

I will generally (eventually) read almost all of the posts - but I often restrain my comments, prayerfully. I try to follow the Holy Spirit's leading. I will sometimes not listen to Him though... and I'll post something that should not have been said - or something that I said with the wrong attitude.

I think being deaf has been good for me, in some ways, because I've had to be patient and often be left-out of conversations. I was very shy, growing up, due to being physically different. Sometimes I was teased, sometimes ostracized. Sometimes cruelly ridiculed. I had to learn not to take those arrows and slingshots personally. Even as an adult, I stand only 3'9" tall and, due to that, am very visibly different. And then, becoming deaf, it was very, very difficult for me to feel "left out." Sometimes I took it wrongly, as being rejected or as my opinion "not counting."

In a group, when asking what was being said, sometimes my question was met with barely-contained impatience, along with the comment: "I'll tell you later." Or "It's not important." Or "It doesn't concern you." So, I may sometimes be clueless about what is going on around me. Sometimes I feel that is a blessing. I'm able to avoid contentious situations since I can't put my "two cents worth" in!

In person, I may sometimes appear to be very meek and quiet - when it is not necessarily my "personality" but my lack of hearing that foists that upon me. I had to stop "blowing up" in frustration and taking things personally that were not meant to be personal - such as the feeling of being "left out."

It's amazing to me, the GOOD that the Lord can work out of believers' situations, if we will only "Be STILL and KNOW that I am God:..." (Psalm 46:10, emphasis mine) He makes himself HEARD when we are quiet and listen. By prayer and Bible study, we learn of Him.