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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
Well, I've done the same with John MacArthur and Ruckman, so I can hardly be called a respecter of persons in regards to a mans ministry.

Hyles is dead. I am not trying to stomp on his grave. I was just wondering if this was error, or if Saul and Baalam were saved men. It seemed like Hyles had twisted the truth (or ignored the latter half of Saul and Balaam's life) in order to preach a good message. The message preaches well. It's convicting. It's heartfelt. It helped me to see a few things I hadn't before, but I was just comparing it to scripture.

If Eternal Security was true in the OT, then Balaam and Saul would both be saved right now. If it's not, then they aren't.

Which leads me to another question

1) Is Solomon saved? There is no record of solomon humbling himself before God (that I know of).
2) Is Ahab saved? In 1 Kings, he humbles himself before God shortly before he dies, and God stays off the wickedness upon Israel until after Ahab dies. God commends his humility to Elijah.
I appologize. I felt that the cooment was met rudely. I think I read into in wrong. Again, I appologize it is my fault.