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Steve Schwenke
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I don't think you need a gap to account for the fall of Helel and the angels that followed him. For one thing, are we certain that the heaven that God resides in are included in the 6 day creation?

My point is is that one doesn't have to reason around the Scriptures to fit in parts of the Bible we are uncertain of, and certainly not to fit in secular sciences and its theories on the origin of things.
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Again, the Bible-Believer's view of the Gap (for those who accept it) has absolutely nothing to do with accepting evolution, or attempting to allow for it. Anyone who is familiar with Ruckman, Larkin, et. al. know this. So why bring it up as though we ARE supporting evolution?

As I said before, I do not break fellowship over the Gap discussion. I simply don't appreciate the derogatory tone from some people over it. And I really don't like the insinuation that the Gap - as taught by a Bible Believer - somehow has something to do with accomodating evolution.

In regards to your first line, we won't always understand everything in the Bible, but I know that the Lord never asks us to believe something that is unreasonable. So in a sense, you are correct; yet in another sense you are not. Everything the Lord does has order and sense to it. I have never yet heard anyone who is Anti-Gap give a reasonable, logical explanation for when and how Satan fell. The Gap answers this in a reasonable fashion, without violating any scripture.

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