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As a fellow Bible believer as well as imported Texan, ( was born and raised in the great state of North Carolina ) I'll do my best to respect you my friend. I know many good men that believe in the gap. I am not one of those good folks. C. I. Scofield, Dr. Ruckman, and Dr. Greg Estep and Dr. Carl T. Lackey just to name a few. All of those men are and were good men of God, and have done far more d works for the Lord than I have ever done. However good Godly men are not 100% perfect. I am opposed the gap for many reasons, all of witch are found in the Bible. You can see my reasons for what I believe and why on the 1st post of this topic. The gap is a side issue, IE: NOT MAJOR LIKE SALAVTION FOR EXAMPLE.

Now I will not divide ( break fellowship ) with others over minor Bible issue like the gap theory. The gap issue is in the Bible, we need to study this issue debate the issue. I also hold to the belief that no one should insult others over minor Bible issues. We do however have liars and apostates on this forum. They do not believe any of us have God's Word. I do not mind calling a spade a spade over a major issue like God's Word.

It is my hope that we and others can debate issues like the gap theory with respect. Even other issues like UFO's, ( taught by Dr. Ruckamn ) giants, unicorns, and dinosaurs in the Bible for example. Folks like my self that love Dr. Ruckman do not agree with him on all of his issues, however we love him. The same can be said for my wife. I do not always agree with her but she is a Godly lady that loves the Lord and I love her very deeply. No one agrees 100% of the time.