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Why did Abraham require of his servant that Isaac not get a wife from the neighboring people, but rather, return to his family (SETHITES) to get a wife. There is nothing recorded of God making this a requirement.

Then Isaac and Rebekah are grieved when Esau does marry foreign wives. Why?

I believe it goes all the way back in the traditions of the Sethites. They were to maintain a separation from the rest of mankind. They were distinct. Why would the genealogy of Jesus prior to Abraham be tracked otherwise? Tracing Him back to David established His royal credentials. Tracing Him back to Abraham established His national credentials. What purpose was there to go farther back, even to Adam, if not to show the Godly line. {Luke: being of the Godly line does not equate to being perfect or sinless, it simply identifies that one as being part of God's plans}