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Default Missions Web Site

Hello everyone,

A while back, my church paid a decent sum of money for a website for missionaries who didn't have their own sites. In my mind, the design was going to be somewhat like MySpace, in that each user would be able to login and have their own pages to put info, background, and monthly newsletter for easy syndication (RSS, Atom, etc.).

I communicated this to a buddy of mine and he built something like that; the only problem is that it's not completely finished. The website is at, and we also own for easier access or linking.

My problem is that the site is unfinished, and I don't want to leave my church in the lurch ( ) and waste their money. Now, unfortunately I don't know much HTML, let alone PHP, so I was hoping to find some missions-minded brethren that could give me a hand and collaborate with me on this project. Being completely broke, I can't pay anyone to do this, so it would have to be a labor of love for whoever would be willing to help. If anyone is proficient with PHP and MySQL and has the time and inclination to help, please let me know either on this thread or by email (

Thanks brethren (and sistren ).