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Good post, George. We live in no doubt the most evil of all times and getting more evil as time goes on.

The following, The Origins of Political Correctness, by William Lind, is a political, not a Christian, analysis of how the world became so evil so fast since the 60s.

When I first found this essay it was a great relief to me to finally have a coherent explanation for the evils engulfing us, "political correctness" being the "liberation" of sin into the world like a flood, along with the strident anti-Americanism, starting on the university campuses. Some Christian studies of Postmodernism have also been of some help but Lind's essay explained a lot more for me. Of course there are many other trends of evil, but this one hits close to home for me because I was in Berkeley California in the sixties surrounded by this stuff. It made me worried and gloomy even then although I wasn't yet a Christian, because I didn't know its source or that it was all part of a particular worldview. Of course its true author is the devil himself, but it's also helpful to know, I think, that there are specific human sources of this stuff.

For these things judgment is coming. 9/11 was just a hint of it, and it should have been taken as a warning. Instead of repenting the nation said "God bless America" which was tantamount to blasphemy in the face of a warning of judgment. Very few preachers even got the message, very few saw the handwriting on the wall. Most were busy trying to assure their flocks that God doesn't do such things or that we can't know why He does if He does.

The current evils George has listed are plenty of reason for judgment, and ought to make us wonder why judgment hasn't fallen harder on us. But it's coming. I think the growing popularity of Islam in the nation and the world even as we learn more and more about its vile nature is God's judgment already. Muslims are wreaking havoc in Europe and getting in a position to do so in the US too. We aren't Israel but I think the blessings and cursings God promised Israel ought to be taken as a model for how God deals with nations in general, and being overrun by one's enemies is one of the curses for failure to obey His law. So is economic disaster. America started out with a strong Christian base. Judgment comes harder to those who have started out honoring God.

Biblically God's judgments await the "fullness of time" and the worst of our collective sins have only been accumulating on a massive national scale for a few decades at this point, even if their roots are farther back. Katrina was also judgment. Rising prices are the result of both those hits, and it's going to get worse, maybe all of a sudden.

Which will probably set the stage for the Antichrist who is surely waiting in the wings to come out and help the world find "peace" though there is no peace to the wicked.

Perhaps you disagree with my analysis. Just take it as one person's opinion then.

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