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AJ you are way off base in using God word in the way you are in numbers. just because the Lord has 12 disciples is not a command to see why he only has twelve. you will notice Acts 2 there were 16 voices spoken and 16 men present at the time the sound of a rushing wind that divided itself into cloven tongues and rested on each one.

you don't have to know why God chose to have 7 days for the week, or why 28 days (four 7's) in a month (that is changed by men but based onteh cycle of the moon) but there is no hidden meaning in it.

if God wanted us to waist time on figuring out the numbers he used he would give us a clear instructions on how to and which ones. 2Tim2:15 is the study of the word not the numbers. you will spend you life on that and miss a lot more than you think.

My freind I was already down that [ath of looking for the number meanins in the Bible when involed in the New Age cult of Church Universal and Triumphant. they were all into what you have just shared in your latest post. it is nothing new. But this I kow these peopel believed in beings from other planets who have come here and are known as the Illuminate(Satan and his angels) and they are the ones who taught this whole number thing you are so freely thinking is of God.

Good Day AJ this will be my last word

Sorry you feel that way. But your right, you don't have to know anything you don't want to.