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Seems like look3467 in practicing numerology a demonic practice at best.>>>chette777
Practicing? How about understanding the numbers our God uses repeatedly in the bible to give us a clue to His works?

Surely you have questioned in your mind why 12 apostles and not 14, or why 6 days and rests the 7th, or why the 7 seals, or why march around Jericho 7 times, 7 candle sticks, 7 vials. 7 eyes, 7 spirits of God, 7 churches, 7 years of plenty, 7 years of drought, etc……..

God has it in there by design and we are free to seek out the answers why.

we need no numbers to tells us what the Bible clearly says. Look3467, you must like the Divinci (sp?) Code. maybe that is why you have 3467 in your name you found it means something for you.>>>Chette777

We need no numbers? What about forgiving our enemies 7x7 times? Why not just one time?
How about the second born, #2 person inheriting the kingdom of their fathers: Esau and Jacob: Ishmael and Isaac, the first Adam the second Adam.

I tell you, that if you ventured into finding out why God used these numbers you would be pleasantly amazed.

Numerology in this day will lead to demons about you. if you are born again I will encourage you to stop that practice.>>>chette777

Lead to demons? Come on chette, God uses numbers multiplied many times.
Here is a clue for you: Hos 12:10 I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets.

Multiplied visions? God doubles things twice before He brings it to pass.
That’s 3 times!
Why did the cock crow 3 times?

And Yes, I am born again of the spirit of life in Jesus and I am not subject to the holds of this world because Jesus has set me free.

also I read the same info you posted about 666 in some church Universal and Triumphant material many years ago before both founders died. it is a doctrine of a devil to say the least New Age at best.>>>chette

Any doctrine that would not give glory to God is not of God! Numbers do give God the glory, after all, the gematria of the name of Jesus is 888.

You do know that the first day of the following week is the eighth? That new week has no end?

you ar not helping by spreading such blasphemous material on this site. You may find a better site somewhere else to post your new age doctrines>>>chette

Chette, I realize how zealous you are about the word, but you do know that the Holy Spirit is our teacher and gives us understandings of His word?

as far as the 777 in my name I just put it there because others have used chette on other sites so I use chette777 on CNN as well. It has no meaning to me or to others than just to identify me from the other Chettes out there>>>chette

Should you not use something attached to your name not knowing what they are?
You obviously had some interest in that set of numbers because you wanted to be identified with them in your Id.

My numbers on my ID are designed to mean something just as God designed His numbers to mean something.

On my ID, 3 represent 3 pictures of the same day, the day Jesus was led to the cross.
4 represents that same day divided into 4 quarters.
6 represents each quarter of that same day being 6 hours periods.
And 7, is the same day as a whole, a 24 hour day.

If that day is dissected, you will find how God recreated the 7-day creation in just one day.

Jesus came to change the world in heart only; therefore, we are a new creation.
The lost world came to an end at the cross, and the New Jerusalem was born in Christ’s resurrection.

He who is in Christ is not of this world, but is in the world, and the world holds no claims on us.
With Christ as my foundation, and on which I stand firmly, what have I have to fear, numbers, denominations, religious beliefs, what?

Fear is our enemy and keeps us from gaining understanding.

If you believe in Jesus, and understand you are saved by Him and not what you do, then you know you are safe and should feel and know that once reborn, you can not again become unborn.

If one remains inside a bottle, one is limited to what one sees in side only, but if one sees from the outside of the bottle, not only can one see what is in the bottle but all else outside as well.

Religion is good for the child as guidance, fellowship and strength, but if that child matures in the word, it will find liberty.

Liberty which does not bind, but allows love to be expressed freely.