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seems like look3467 in practicing numerology a demonic practice at best.

we need no numbers to tells us what the Bible clearly says. Look3467, you must like the Divinci (sp?) Code. maybe that is why you have 3467 in your name you found it means something for you.

Numerology in this day will lead to demons about you. if you are born again I will encourage you to stop that practice.

also I read the same info you posted about 666 in some church Universal and Triumphant material many years ago before both founders died. it is a doctrine of a devil to say the least New Age at best.

you ar not helping by spreading such blasphemous material on this site. You may find a better site somewhere else to post your new age doctrines

as far as the 777 in my name I just put it there because others have used chette on other sites so I use chette777 on CNN as well. It has no meaning to me or to others than just to Identify me from the other Chettes out there

we also already know that God inforces things by doubling. most of us already know that baby stuff.

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