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I would appreciate it, "1611isperfect", if you could tone down the rhetoric. Your subject line will not cause weaker, unlearned brethren to be brought to knowledge. It only serves to cause greater offense.
"Stupid" is only the modern equivalent of the word, "fool". Just as Jesus used.

In fact, if you look up 'stupid' in the websters 1828 (which is what I did before I started using it), it specifically says "a foolish person".

If Jesus were around today, and he wandered into a church where things like this were going on he would definately say something, and it would probably include, "you people are stupid, and you can't even see what you're doing".
Or... the Elizabethian English version: "Ye fools, and blind".

Btw- I'm not just trying to be obtuse here. Have you even watched the videos yet?