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Originally Posted by JaeByrd View Post
There are a lot of other organizations pertaining to pregnancy/newborns/pregnancy loss that have very similar themes: Heart, hands, feet, belly, etc.

A lot of photography studios offer some sort of pose that is also similar. Very popular since the gal that takes all those newborn photos published some. Hands forming a heart on a pregnant belly, or hands holding a newborn, newborn hands on a parent's hand, newborn in a parent's hands, etc.

I really appreciate you adding your perspective about this picture being along the lines of popular symbolic poses for baby pictures in general. That makes sense to me and makes me think, along with brother Parrish's "stealth clinic" post, that this is probably all pretty innocent. A big corporation supporting a pro-life woman's clinic during a pro-abortion president's administration? Hard for me to believe but it's good news! Anyway, thanks for the info.