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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
My first impression was that it was a pro-life photograph, with the hands forming the shape of a heart around baby feet.
My sense that we are entering into a fascist form of government in this country with presidential fiat replacing the rule of law and large corporations falling into line informed my perspective with this ad at Burger King, especially considering Obama's apparent pro-abortion agenda. I could definitely be wrong about this BK thing, though.

I wasn't aware of "stealth" clinics but I'm very glad to find out about them. Also, I could probably find subliminal messages and even occult symbolism in a lot of corporate advertising because they're so often present. The "heart" shape comes from pagan religion but so many things in our culture do that it doesn't necessarily mean it is intended to have that meaning. I wouldn't be surprised to learn of a catholic connection to the women's clinic considering the heart.

When I called the clinic I asked if they do referrals to abortion providers and the woman I spoke with said they don't, which is encouraging. Hopefully, I was dead wrong and they are what Bro. Parrish termed as a "stealth" clinic.

Fortunately for me, I don't have any problem being wrong because I try to be more concerned with learning what the truth is about things.

Maybe I don't have to do without the occasional Whopper, after all.