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Originally Posted by PB1789 View Post
Hello Biblereader. Yep. There are some titles and a couple of websites that will be helpful to you. or add the word "puritanism"

"A Quest for Godliness: The Puritan Vision of the Christian Life. by J.I. Packer Crossway Books

"A Puritan Golden Treasury of Quotations". by I.D.E. Thomas Banner of Truth Trust

"The Genius of Puritanism" by Peter Lewis Reformation Heritage Books
I'm looking up some of the books, now, and would like your input:
Whom do you feel is a better author, Firth, or Buchanan, or Gardiner?
Also, I see an author by the name of P. Young: P. Young, Oliver Cromwell (1962). I wonder if he's the same man who wrote "The Shack".?

Have you read any of these books, listed on the site:
J. Buchan, Oliver Cromwell (1934) is an elegant study, C.V. Wedgwood, Oliver Cromwell (1939) reflects the author's outstanding narrative skills, R.S. Paul, The Lord Protector (1955) is particularly strong on Cromwell's personal faith and religious policies,

The one by R.S. Paul sounds like what I'm looking for. Are you familiar with it?