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Originally Posted by PB1789 View Post
If you read stuff by Roman Catholic historians or secularists/God-haters/ and any relatives/pals of King Charles 1st of England... it will be slanted against Oliver Cromwell and the Army of Parliament. John Bunyan, the writer of Pilgrim's Progress and The Holy War, and several other titles, served in the Parliamentary Army. Cromwell was disliked by the Papists/Jesuits of his day and age and he is disliked and disparaged by the lefto-socialist/atheist-communists of this day. Why ? Because he stood for God and the Bible against bad rulers and bad religion.
Thank you everyone, for all this, thanks so much! Yes, I know Cromwell is hated, even to this day, and it's near impossible to find much on him, that's NOT against him, due to the workings of sin and the devil against him.
I didn't know Bunyan was in the army! Was he in it WITH Cromwell?
I was pretty sure, though, if I asked around in here, I'd get some good leads, and pro-Cromwell sources.
Thanks a lot. Cromwell is someone Ive been interested in for about a year, now.