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Originally Posted by tonybones2112 View Post
"Scripture" is a term for something written, I think you and I are in agreement that the Neo-orthodox/BArthian view of the "message" is wrong. So given that, which written version or combination of versions do you consider inerrant Tim? I'm not baiting you to get into a devate, I wish to establish a reference point for you position.

Grace and peace

I can say without any hesitation that at the very least, what was originally written was inerrant. I can also say that I believe the original words and meaning from the originals (I know you hate the originals only view) can be determined from the extant mss data we have. As to what version or combo of versions (what are you referring to as a version?) I am not convinced that the UBS or NA, MT, TR, Byzantine text and so on are perfect. I don't know that we have a Greek compilation of the NT that is perfect in that it reflects 100% the original reading. But that doesn't bother me b/c with the mss data we have, I feel confident that it is easy to determine. But I will also say that I don't believe the W&H text contradicts the TR. It differs textually but it does not contradict (i.e. blatantly teach something opposite).

I should probably shut up for now b/c I know I am going to be lambasted for stating my views. If you want to discuss this in depth (which I am all for), I would ask that we either correspond through email or go to a neutral territory for discussion. Brother Tim and I have tried that before.

At this point, It would help to understand what we mean by inerrant. Is it simply the fact that the text does not contradict itself, science, history, geography, theology, etc...? Or is it something more?

PS - yes I agree that the neo-ortho view is very wrong. I believe that inspiration goes down past the word and to the very letter written (jot and tittle refer to Hebrew letters or markings of letters that distinguish one letter from another; i.e. the KJV translators imply the superiority of the Hebrew language ; doh Tim shut up!)