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Forgive me if I sound like a strict fundy (wait, thats not a bad thing!?!), but I believe that all music with a beat is from the devil, especially when its branded as 'christian'.
I'm an ex-devotee of Marylin Manson, KMFDM, Nirvana, Pumpkins, B-boys, Trance / Goa / Hardcore DnB, Led Zeppelin / Classic Rock, and everything else wicked under the sun.
Along with a bunch of other vices, my appetite for this filth quickly disappeared when I got born again. I know its allure, its powerful grip of control, its addiction, its mind-shaping influences.
Now I know you're thinking: its not all bad, is it?
Truth of the matter is, Satan knew not everone would listen to Manson or get lost in Rave music, so he has a flavour out there for everyone, from country and western, to jazz, from hiphop to easy listening, from New Age to punk, from blues to raggae, I could go on, but the most deceptive form is CCM. The point is that every one of these styles carries with it the same essential Satanic suggestions. Seek the answers inside yourself, trust in yourself, there's nobody but yourself, and the all time favorite: seek love from another human, instead of God.
Ultimately, they all decry the timeless Satanic gospel as declared by, I think it was Anton LaVey; "If it feels good, do it!"

Anyways, I find that the beat is what people are feeling when listening to music, not the lyrics. It always appeals to the sensual, the fleshy, the carnal.

Look, I'm not coming down on people who still like to listen to whatever, I'm just telling it like I see it. I've also banished all TV and secular movies (with rare, educational exceptions) from my life entirely. Even stopped reading the newspapers and magazines. Instead I read lots of Bible-centerd literature, and listen to audio sermons or videos.

Anyways, my first post draft was lost, so here are just a few links pertaining to music:

Great collection of Music articles: a must read for any Christian who desired discernment and separation from the world:

Bryn Riplinger's stuff:

For the discerning musical person out there, I'm sure there are others like Bryn, but frankly, nothing beats the old-fashioned Hymns sung to a piano or acapella.

On a side note, I used to play the bass guitar and drums in a 'christian' alternative rock band when I was a late-teen, early twenties. It was tons of fun, but I was just following what was cool, I didn't know much about Christianity back then, but given I was under the umbrella of apostate, wishy-washy christianity, I didn't really know any better.
We played secular venues, battle of the bands for a local rock radio station (CHOM 97.7), which we won, recorded a demo, and played anywhere we could, except bars. We were 'christian' in that the four of us called ourselves christian, and the songs supposedly had good messages, but nobody ever commented on the message, just the sound; but the band disbanded after a couple years because a new singer we took on wouldn't leave his non-christian girlfriend (long story). Then 10+ years passed and I completely lost touch with those guys as I went into my own rebellion.
Then, recently, I ran into one of them, for he is actually a PK. He informed me that he's no longer a christian, and doesn't believe in any of it anymore. Through him I found out that the leader of the band, was in a similar situation. His exceeding guitar talent pulled him far away from God and into some kind of genre called funk. In fact, everyone I've ever come across that was involved with our band, or any of the other bands centered under the umbrella of a Christian rock music label here in Montreal have all left the flock. One 'star' of a successful band even reportedly went crazy.

To make many longer stories very short, everyone I have ever personally known to be involved with or listen to 'christian' rock music, has ended up utterly apostate. Not that that's a rule, just personal observation.

I'll leave you all with one more trick for satanic music :P

"What happens when you play your favorite Country record backwards?"

"You get your girl back, then your dog, then your truck, then your money, then your job!"