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you read and interpret with your own heart Brother and not necessarily my my intentions.

you can admire men and as I said he does a great job in his position of creationism. however I wouldn't emulate him in his tax methods. and if any of you do you'll end up in the same place he is. remember admiration can be man worship we need to make like the Lord and have no respect of person.
Whatever, I just think you really need to ease up on the man worship thing my brother. As I have stated several times no one is advocating tax evasion---are you listening? I see nothing wrong with following the law and paying taxes, nor do I see anything wrong with challenging unconstitutional laws in court---and that includes any tax laws politicians may decide to add to the people along the way. It's well within our legal system and it's done all the time. If they tax the people too much, the people get together and vote them out of office. Do you consider voting a form of rebellion? Why not? If you vote against a government leader is that not "rebellion" in your view? I hope not, because that's one of the ways we CONTROL our government, instead of them controlling us. Question, are you American or were you born in the Phillipines?

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