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you read and interpret with your own heart Brother and not necessarily my my intentions.

you can admire men and as I said he does a great job in his position of creationism. however I wouldn't emulate him in his tax methods. and if any of you do you'll end up in the same place he is. remember admiration can be man worship we need to make like the Lord and have no respect of person. But give honor where honor is due.

I said good luck for it sounds as if some of you feel in your hearts that because of your interpretation of the constitution paying your taxes is wrong even if the Govt passed laws on how and when and to whom taxes apply. but if the Govt has instituted tax laws we are to follow their laws no matter if they are unconstitutional. rebellion starts in the heart first long before the first steps are taken.

Rebellion could and/or could not be okay with God when it involves his Children. But we all know that God allows things to take place to fulfill his will not the will of the Rebels. so the US is where it is today for God purposes not necessarily for those who rebelled in the 1770's.

if I did make you feel insulted then make like a duck in water let roll off.