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Originally Posted by MC1171611 View Post

In the resurrection, or at the Rapture, we physically receive the Image of God, the same image that Adam was originally created in. In Luke, Adam is called "the son of God," and he was created in God's image, but in Genesis 3, Adam begat Seth who was after his own image. Because of the fall of man and sin entering into the world, we are born in Adam's image, but reborn in God's image (spiritually).

In the rapture and coinciding resurrection of the dead, we receive our glorified bodies, which are physical images of God. That's what a "son of God" is: an image or "copy" of God. The angels are simply copies of God, Jesus was the image of the Invisible God, and when we are born again, we are made in the image of God.

In eternity, we are in effect "little Jesuses," or identical copies of Him, which is why Jesus said we would be as the angels of God, not being married: we are His image!

So no, we don't become angels, though we do become LIKE angels.
I agree with what you're saying here. However I don't think we'll be identical copies of Christ, as in a mirror image of Him. But I think our bodies will be "like" His.

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