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I find many things people say, not directly stated in the scriptures. Some things they say, come into direct conflict in fact.

When asked to explain something, we have to try to do so, while staying within the confines of what scripture may not directly say, but intimates.

As for the other, there was a Preacher that lived here by the name of Charles Harris. If you asked him a question scripture did not directly speak on, he would not give you any answer.

In the end I don't know which is best, as far as the questioner is concerned. By giving a reasonable answer, at least you give him the opportunity the Bereans had. Maybe he will go to seek the for the correct answer for himself, and in the end learn something.

If I feel I don't have at least some justification from Scripture for an answer, I will give none either. Any I do give is from the man, not to be considered a word from God.

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