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Hey Buzzoff! Glad you're here.

I have several Bibles, including a Thompson's, and my main Bible, an 'old' Scofield (King James, of course!). I used to read the references and notes, but discovered some of his comments were not I started 'correcting' them myself!

In the last eight years, as I have studied God's word, and grown in love and knowledge of Him, I have come to a point where I have ceased to even read Scofield's notes. I ignore them, in fact. But, I still use my old Scofield, and have no plans to retire it until it starts to fall apart.

BTW, I do write notes in the margins of my Bible, and highlight, circle and underline the text, extensively, as I feel led to do so. It helps me in my study, but isn't the only way to do so, as you can see by reading other posts here.

May the Lord guide you and bless you as you study His word.