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Interesting poll, too:

oops, forgot to check the box below
If it was a Catholic catechism class or a Koran study, it would be no problem.

This is a violation of the California state constitution and the US Constitution and they should file a civil rights complaint with the FBI. This is a violation of their free practice of religion and right to peaceable assembly. It bothers me for them, but not for me, because I renounced my citizenship in this hellholthe day my mother was pulled, screaming, from her own home and confined to a "nursing home" against her will and she and I lost our home and everything she and dad and I worked for.

Every single freedom we have lost in this hellhole is because the sheep let them take them. A constitution is only as good as the people willing to stand for it and resist to stop it's infringement. We have a choice now of boycotting any economic product coming out of the state of California because unless a hue and a cry is raised, Memorial day of 2010 will be flowers on the graves of soldiers who died in vain, and on the grave of your Constitutional RIGHT to free practice of religion.

Fundamentalists in America have a choice of holding Bible study in your homes openly or secretly in the sewers. Thr Pilgrims fled England, we have nowhere to flee to.

Grace and peace