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[QUOTE=PB1789;11892]Good answers from both Kiwi and Fundy {Hello Southern Cross folks, from a Big Dipper folk }

Hi there PB1789, Alaska is about as far away from Australia as you can get, I bet it gets cold up there. I noticed on your state flag that the big dipper is represented, Like the Sothern Cross is on ours.( and the Kiwi's) What does the Larger 5 pointed star in the top right field represent?

I noticed on your profile that you like guns and were in the military, I run a gunstore down here in OZ and spent 6 years in the Army ( a long time ago).

Our pastor is an American who came here as a missionary and stayed to shepherd our church. A truly great Bible teaching preacher who just loves to go hunting. (mens souls as well as wild animals)

Next time your in the neighbourhood, call in and we can go out and burn up some ammo.