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Well King, now that you have laid out your world view on this thread specifically I can say it corresponds with my own. Most secular and "christian" conspiracy "theorists" don't have the whole picture, as you mentioned regarding Alex Jones, antisemitism runs strong. It makes sense that most of the "christians" who present this stuff believe they have replaced Israel and plan on changing the world for Christ, getting it all ready for Him before he comes. Mostly all of these conspiracy researchers and media celebrities end up being at least at the fringes of antisemitism if not deeply immersed in it. Furthermore, I strongly suspect most of them are agents of change working for the Illuminati and ultimately the Whore of Babylon.

I, too, tire of seeing Christians tow the Republican line. Don't get me wrong, I'm no liberal. The two-party system is a joke, this country and the whole western world is completely corrupt from top to bottom. The two parties are two arms on the same beast. No high-level politician can get elected without being blackmailable. I fear even Ron Paul but maybe I'm too cynical. Perhaps we will be ultimately successful abolishing the Federal Reserve which is privately owned by Illuminati interests, "prints" money out of thin air then lends it to our government at interest. Under the Constitution the Treasury is the only entity given the power to issue money. Our currency is pure fiat, nothing tangible backs it anymore. If the Federal Reserve is abolished it will only be because it's usefulness has ended and a regional or world central bank will take it's place. They have already looted our nations wealth, there will be no recovering from it.

The Iraq wars were nothing but a strategy to protect the status of the petro-dollar and other geo-political interests. It never had anything to do with liberating the Iraqi people. Since when have these monsters ever cared about a bunch of poor peasants anywhere in the world? It's only ever about power and money.

America's "exorbitant privilege", the one and only world reserve currency has been abused, the rest of the world is rightly enraged that greedy Illuminati Wall Street investment banks like Goldman Sachs have brought the world economies to their knees along with ours and our enemies are planning our demise and US Dollar hegemony is crumbling. The Fed is creating trillions with a keystroke and buying up US debt because the rest of the world doesn't want it as much anymore as Obama's fascist administration is spending us into oblivion. Eventually dollars will come flooding back into this country and the dollar will end up being next to worthless. If you look at foreign media you know the rest of the world knows we're done but Americans believe the lies their politicians tell them while they rob us blind.

Americans didn't used to be as blind and stupid and immoral as they are now. We shed innocent blood continuously and with relish by consent of the highest court in the land. Soon we will be legally murdering the old and infirm because they are just useless mouths to feed and not worth the money it costs to keep them alive and healthy. We are beginning to be judged, from my viewpoint. In my opinion, as soon as we stop supporting Israel it's all over for the US. We're almost there, we're almost done as a world power, it's just a matter of time and things are moving at a very fast pace.

I wish Christians would all see these things but most won't. Perhaps it doesn't matter. I have studied this stuff in the past and it has value but I've largely ignored the only thing that really matters. I'm glad I see the outlines of what I believe is the world system and I want, like you, to get people saved out of it. Praise God that He has saved us from Satan's kingdom and from Satan's final abode the Lake of Fire. I don't know how unbelievers can bear to look at all of this dark stuff without having the hope that Christ brings.

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