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Originally Posted by Diligent View Post
Is it simply that you don't like to see a couple-dozen people with Jewish parents in positions of authority?

And, by the way, I do not watch Catholic News (Fox News) more than "every once in a while." Your attempt to apply Scriptures talking about foxes to a news broadcaster is twisting and wresting God's word. I dislike that even more than I dislike the whole Alex Jones "Jewish Conspiracy" garbage.
I don't mind seeing Jews in high places or positions of authority. I just don't like the communist ACLU types that ruin the image of Jewry in whole to the point where every time someone hears about a Jew they think about Madhoff or some other thief.

Ref you watching FOX. Praise the Lord. I was liking the forum and was about ready to leave it had you been a FOX news type Christian. I can handle a lot of things but someone that takes those cats at face value and is born again is something that gets to me.

I just think Christ refering to that fox and studying the fox in scripture shows that the spirit behind the fox seems to match up with the spirit behind catholicism.