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Originally Posted by Jassy View Post
This is an excellent dialogue going here, regarding the fraudulent New Age versions of the Bible. I was once engaged to a man who I found out was a 22nd degree Freemason. We were living in different states, so I wasn't aware of all of his life and what he was involved in. He was the member of a Baptist Church and seemed to be very devoted to studying the Bible.

To me, Freemasonry and Biblical Truth cannot be mixed!! I was totally caught off-guard that he would be so enmeshed in such a group. I tried so hard to show him the evidence of Freemasonry. He just kept denying it, saying that they were all "good Christians" at his lodge, and that they enjoyed doing charity work. I've read that the charity work is nothing more than a cover for the true CORE nature of the Freemasons. I've read a book "Masonry, Beyond the Light" by William Schnoebelen. He spent nine years as a Mason. Then someone witnessed to him and he became a Christian. The next time he attended his Masonic lodge, he felt a very ODD feeling. He had been involved in other evil things as well and completely LEFT it behind him and embraced his new life as a Christian. He explained in his book that there are really over 90 levels of Masonry - not just the 33 degrees that we hear about! And it gets more and more satanic, the higher you go.

Sadly, I had to break-off the engagement with this man.

How does one help someone to SEE the TRUTH and to break free from the Masons?

Jassy, I am somewhat of an agnostic as far as "supernatural" and "occultic" things goes. While our war is spiritual, those powers and principalities were defeated at Calvary. To me, a Wicca, a spirit medium, a Congo witch doctor and a Catholic priest are all equally damned to hell. Whatever tries to obscure the gospel of Christ is "occultic" to me. For that, you have a center of occultism in every American city in your local Catholic Church.

My grandfather was 3rd Degree Mason. He was a storekeeper and quit after he got to 3rd Degree. He was also a Pentecostal holiness preacher, and found the god they worshipped was not Jesus Christ, just the all-inclusive, nebulous Grand Architect Of The Universe that Satan hides behind. That's another spiritual disease that can't resist the gospel of Christ. In practical day to day life, the Masons desire to monopolize any and all of your local legal, law enforcement, judicial, religious, and business activity. I know this for a fact because I know several ex Masons of high degree. My late father-in-law was 33rd Degree Scottish Rite who blamed me for leading his daughter off into fundamentalist Christianity. He explained they were merely a brotherhood for making good men better men. I replied then that there are two kinds of men, "good" and "better". All animals are equal, some are more equal than others I guess.

The perspective we need to maintain on these secret societies is that the Mormons, the Masons, The "illuminati" The Bilderburgers and Trilateral Commission, The Birchers and the Communists all have the same secrets. If you stand the Masons up against the Republican or Democrat Party you'll find about the same number of "saved" people in both groups: very few. The REAL conspiracy is in you local mystery of iniquity who sacrifices Christ 3 million times a day and will compromise with Islam, descended from Ishmael, the son of the bondwoman, in the last days against Israel, the descendants of the child of promise, Isaac.

Preach the gospel of Christ to all of them, they are all lost and Christ died for all of them. Jew or Gentile, Mason or Mormon, I make no distinction between them.

Grace and peace