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For practical theology, exigesis, and practice I am a Pauline Dispensationalist based on Ephesians 3:

Times Past: Genesis- Acts 28
But Now: Romans-Philemon
Ages To Come: Hebrews-Revelation

Within the But Now Age I rightly divide Paul into

Early Paul - "To the Jew first..." Acts 9- Acts 28
Mid Paul - But Now, "...neither Jew nor Gentile..." Acts Chapter 29
Late Paul - Ages To Come, wise masterbuilder who was the custodian who administered the transition from Gospel Of The Kingdom Of Heaven(Restored Isreal) which is the gospel committed to Peter, James, John, and the rest of the Twelve, into the Grace Age of today and on into the Tribulation, as Paul authored Hebrews, the first book of Tribulation doctrine, and was the most qualified to write it as a human oracle.

I don't follow Bullinger in the teaching that the Body began at Acts 28 and only Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians are applicable, but believe and teach that the Body began at Calvary, that we were grafted into the Body that was made manifest at Acts 2 that was scattered at Acts 7 and that water baptism, tongues, signs, wonders, miracles, healings, AKA "the signs of an apostle" ceased at the end of Acts 28.

I feel the dispensational teachings of Larken and Scofield are a very general guide and accept up to a point the teachings of Cornelius Stam of the Berean Bible Society yet I stop at his Calvinism, his reliance on multiple Bible versions and denial of the inspiration of vernacular translations, and his seeming crusade to uproot Baptist churches rather than applying doctrine, reproof, correction to the misapplied practice of OT Jewish water baptism.

The dispensational teachings and positions of Baker, Darby, and the Plymouth Brethren are unknown to me.

Grace and peace brother

Brother are you saying you reject the General Epistles as authoritative for the Church?