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Originally Posted by Revangelist View Post
I agreed with your answer. It was how it was given. Psychology and psychiatry aren't godly at all. I've spent quite some time trying to "undo" some of the messes "it's" caused. It's like people make pets out of their illnesses.

I've asked for prayer before and got someone getting all over me when all I wanted was prayer. So, I suppose I was reacting when I shouldn't have. So, George, I publicly apologize for the misunderstanding.
I accept your apology, although I wasn't the least offended by what you said.

In this age of "Political Correctness" (more psychiatry & psychology) I come across as a gruff old codger. However, my wife and I have had 7 Children (all gifts from God); and we now have 16 grandchildren (all gifts from God); and 2 great grandchildren (all gifts from God) - all of which have "mellowed" me somewhat (You should have seen me 20 to 30 years ago - it's a wonder that my wife stuck with me.)

What you hadn't seen was the very gracious "private reply" that "Why I Eyes Ya" sent me, which was a real blessing to my heart.

I believe that a major part of a Christian's (all Christians) ministry should be: Reconciliation (2Corinthians 5:18) and Edification (Romans 14:19; Romans 15:2; 1Thessalonians 5:11) and if I come across as rude, crude, or "hard", it's because there is so much "false doctrine" out there; there is so much "leaven" in the churches; there are so many "Christian authorities" that are replacing our "Final Authority"; and there is so much "personal opinion" (more Humanism) amongst Christians that I sometimes may be a little bit curt or abrupt in dealing with them.

You can ask my wife (and kids & grandkids) "my bark is worse than my bite".

Yours for the Lord Jesus Christ and for His Holy word,


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